Zauberspruch für die ladung

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  • Kajjo

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    Zauberspruch = (magical) spell; hex

    More difficult is the second part. Without context, there are several options.

    Ladung = cartload, payload, stowage, freight; batch
    Ladung = (electric) charge; recharging
    Ladung = loading
    Ladung = summoning


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    This is about the summoning of a monster.
    The text is in Japanese, but some quotes are in German on purpose. Because I don't know almost anything about German, that makes it difficult. :p

    Maybe "Spell for the summoning"? :confused:


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    "zauberspruch für die ladung" sounds strange but I guess "Spell for the summoning" is meant indeed.

    More appropriate terms in German are "Zauberspruch zur Beschwörung" or simply "Beschwörungsformel".
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