Zenith and nadir

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hi guys!

Today I learned to use these two words in these contexts:

The tourism has reached its zenith.
The nadir came with the financial crisis.

I just want to know whether these sentences are right and whether the usage of zenith and nadir is not weird or uncommon,


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    You have used them correctly. They are certainly not weird but uncommon, I believe to be true.


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    There's nothing wrong with "zenith," but personally, I would avoid it outside of an astronomical context (or a now defunct U.S. maker of radios and television sets.)

    This existing thread will provide good advice regarding regarding the rather obscure nadir: Nadir


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    The words are both relatively formal, so it would be somewhat unusual to hear them in conversation.

    I think both words are fine to use in the right contexts, although "Tourism has reached its zenith" doesn't seem quite correct: tourism could (presumably) increase still further in the future, so the present high level is not actually a zenith.
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