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    Sometimes I've noticed that in a English conversation someone say something like, "Hey my phone number is 3533O4" they use the letter O instead the number 0 (zero) so when I have to use the O instead 0? in telephone conversations or when I give a number? is this a must?

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    Hola y bienvenido al foro.

    You will be understood whether you say O or 0.
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    Welcome, NYCguy43! :)
    It's very common to say "Oh", instead of "zero", but, as donbeto says, "zero" is perfectly clear.
    Multidigit numbers are usually spoken digit by digit, eg., room three oh four (304), Levi's five oh one (501) jeans, etc.
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    We often say 'O' when there is a string of digits to be written down or memorized.

    When we are describing a mathematical expression we use zero because we don't want any ambiguity.


    0% ---> zero percent

    Do not divide by zero

    X + 2 = 0 ---> X plus 2 equals zero
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    ok I think i get it, thanks you all!:)

    P.S.: donbeto thanks for the welcome to the forum!:p
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    Use either one in a telephone number.
    In a hotel room number or a house number, I think you will find the letter O spoken much more than "zero". "Room three-oh-four."
    "Oh" is also frequent in years like 1902 (nineteen-oh-two), 1807 (but not 2005—"two thousand [and] five").

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