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How would one say zip and unzip in japanese? unzip could be 解凍,
but what's zip?
I hope someone out there can help me out.
Thanks in advance.
  • kaito

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    My dictionary says that 解凍 is used as decompressing and 圧縮 seems to be used for compressing.


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    Thanks for your replies! Yes i'm familiar with those to terms, but I thought there was a more specific term for "zipping"
    i.e. when you are talking about a "zipped" file vs. a "compressed" file, you would use a different term.

    I've heard unzip being used as "zip解凍” but I don't recall what zipping a file was defined as.
    I'll use that for now, but if you guys have any other terms you can think of that are similiar in use, please let me know.

    Thanks for your input! Much appreciated =)


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    In English, you say "zipped" because the zip is the mainstream compression software.

    Likewise, you say "melt" in Japanese because the lha is the mainstream compression software and it displays "freezing" when compressing, "frozen" when finished, "melting" when decompressing, and "melted" when finished.

    For compressed files you'd usually say "圧縮ファイル". In case you want to deliberately indicate that the file is compressed with Phil Katz' deflate algorithm you can say "ジップファイル" (when writing, "zipファイル" is the usual way.)

    圧縮する and 解凍する are the only ways I've ever heard, regardless of software or compressing algorithm.


    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    ZIP形式で (ファイルを) 圧縮する or

    ZIP形式で (ファイルを) 解凍する or
    ZIPファイルを元に戻す or