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Jefe Muga

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Spanish - Mexico
hi from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
here the word Zoclo also applies in construction. It translates to english as Baseboard or Skirting.
It is the piece of flooring trim that goes on the the wall where the floor meets the wall. usually 2 to 4 inches of trim. this can be wooden or tile, or whatever the floor is.
hope this is helpful.
  • Jefe Muga

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    Spanish - Mexico
    hmmm, I see what you mean. but the weird part is that people here don't say that word. Zoclo and zócalo are spelled similarly but the pronunciation is different enough to tell the difference. It is quite possible that in my time I have only run into people who mistakenly use the word Zoclo in place of zócalo by error due to pure ignorance. I admit that even I fall into this category because when you hear a word used by builders and even at the hardware stores, you grow up using a word incorrectly without knowing it.


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    Interesting. A quick internet search shows several websites that corroborate your claim -- zoclo is used instead of, or interchangeably with, zócalo.

    If zoclo becomes a common search term of WordReference dictionary users, the algorithm will detect those searches and will suggest its addition to the dictionary.

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