1. oso Senior Member

    Mexico- NYC Based.
    It's very interesting. In Mexico we use this word for an extra room in most apartments, I would call it laundry room, but it's not exactly that. You can store chemicals, cleaners, and usually it has no windows, but bars or some other kind of protection, so there is plenty of ventilation.

    It's very rare to see this word written. How does Espasa Calpe came to the conclution that it is spelled with "Z' and not with "S" ? In Spain this would cause the pronunciation to be different with their typical "Fhotehuela". Espasa Calpe indicates this word is from America. So how are they so sure that it's spelled with "Z"?

    Some people call it sotebuela, sotehuela, azotebuela, asotehuela (so at some point I thought it was a derivate of "Azotea.") I have never seen a zotehuela in the United States, and sometimes I miss the washboard to wash some cloths by hand. In New York people go out to do laundry, we can only dream of having a zotehuela.

    If somebody knows more about the origin of this word please let us know

  2. catrina

    catrina Senior Member

    Spanish, Mexico
    mi diccionario de mexicanismos dice que se llama azhotehuela y que es una azotea pequeña.

    ahora que muchas casas por acá tienen una azotehuela pero no necesariamente en la azotea, pero yo creo que así le llamamos por costumbre, no?
  3. oso Senior Member

    Mexico- NYC Based.
    Gracias, si es así, Espasa Calpe se aventó una buena puntada al escribir en su diccionario una palabra sin base científica. Adivinando la forma como se escribe, y adivinando que se escribe con z. Aunque muchas personas en la internet usan zotehuela, y sotehuela (con s) y otras variantes. Hice varias búsquedas. Gracias de nuevo.

    azotar. 1. tr. Pagar. || 2. intr. Caer. || azotarse. Exagerar al hablar. || azotarse alguien gacho. loc. Decir o hacer algo indebido y desagradable.

    azotehuela. f. Azotea pequeña.

    azotón. m. Caída. | dar alguien el azotón. loc. Caer.
  4. catrina

    catrina Senior Member

    Spanish, Mexico
    esque quién va a defender a un pobre mexicanismo? ja ja ja...
    saludos :)
  5. mirk Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    Native from Mexico, Spanish. Living in

    Pues los mexicanos, si no, ¿quien?

    En el habla coloquial en México, zotehuela es también usada como referencia para el tabique plano de barro con el que se cubren las azoteas a manera de impermeabilización.
  6. englishfroggy Member

    Mexican Spanish/Canadian English
    In absence of "scientific" proof, we can only make warranted or unwarranted guesses. Since when is etymology a pure science?
    In any case, I am pretty confident that the reason some people say "zotehuela" instead of "azotehuela" is because it is normally preceded by "la" or "una," so they think that the "a" belongs to the article.
    The reason why I am sure that "azotehuela" comes from "azotea" is because of the diminutive morpheme "-huela" that is found in the word "aldehuela," which is a small "aldea" (village), and the word "vihuela," which was the diminutive of "viola."
    It's interesting that both "azotea" and "aldea" are of Arabic origin, so I wouldn't be surprised if "-huela" was an Arabic derivational morpheme. Perhaps I'm wrong concerning the origin of the morpheme, because it is present in non-Arabic words, such as "cazuela" and "señuelo."
  7. englishfroggy Member

    Mexican Spanish/Canadian English
    I beg to differ with oso with the use of the word "room." In my experience, an azotehuela is never a room, but rather a sort of patio, especially a small space outside a second floor.
  8. duvija

    duvija Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay
    Like a terrace? (I mean, not fancy, of course). An open terrace or with a roof?
    Could it be 'altillo'? the room from which you may go up to the azotea. It's normally used for keeping old paint, etc.
  9. englishfroggy Member

    Mexican Spanish/Canadian English
    We don't use "altillo" in Mexico, so I'm not sure of what it means. I agree with the term "terrace."

    I personally haven't heard people using it to keep old paint, in Mexico we keep old paint in "el cuartito," which is an actual room. We have the clotheslines, the "fregadero" and the gas tanks in the azotehuela.

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