ZRR (zones de revitalisation rurale)

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    Does anyone know if there is an equivalent in any english-speaking country to our french "ZRR" (zones de revitalisation rurale)? Thanks!!
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    Toronto, Canada
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    lectrice, those links are all referring to France -- and the last one in particular is quite amusing in its English!

    "An exclusiveness 3gimmobilier, 38 hectares of ground of leisures locate in full heart of the sidobre, (zone of rural revitalization) village" ;)

    It seems that it is an exclusively France-French term/concept, although English-speaking countries will have programs and policies that encourage rural revitalization.

    The term is used in Canada:
    Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation

    but we don't have zones designated for the purpose. (And in English we would say "areas" rather than "zones".)

    Aha: google finds US jurisdictions that do have thigns called "rural revitalization area". Google that term to find them in New York state and in San Diego.

    I would just use the standard translation for the French RRZs, if that is what is being talked about: rural revitalization zone.

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